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9 Cats And A Dog Illustrate The Struggles Of Becoming A Young Adult

Seriously, though, when did that even happen?!

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1. Your student ID doesn't get you a discount anymore.

2. You find yourself having to attend weddings, that you can't afford, every other weekend.

3. Your parents start talking about moving out of the house you grew up in.

4. Your bad eating habits have finally caught up to you.

5. You daydream of when you'll actually get to have the career that you went to college to obtain.

6. Being single has become an epidemic that your friends and family must cure you of.


But you're seriously not interested in any of their suitors.

7. If you're living at home, you feel like such a moocher everytime you say, "What's for dinner?"

8. You find yourself turning down a really great buy at the mall because it's equivalent to half your car payment.

9. You realize that you may or may not be celebrating the pay off of your student loans on your 93rd birthday.


10. And of course, you envy those who can still fly off to the second star to the right and straight on till morning.

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