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14 Signs Your Boss Is Actually A Bully

Here is a guideline to deciding whether or not you should take detailed notes the next time you watch Horrible Bosses.

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1. If you're a new employee, your boss literally does not teach or guide you in any way, but constantly complains about your inadequacies.

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2. They find something — anything — wrong with everything you do.

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3. You absolutely may not ask them any questions; that would be ludicrous.

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4. The ratio of positive feedback to negative feedback that you receive is 0:1.

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5. They despise the fact that you do not follow suit with their crazed style of working, and they make sure you know it.

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6. They complain incessantly, to your face, that you are a burden to them.

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7. And that you are not fulfilling the position to their satisfaction.

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8. They have the totally professional habit of discussing negative things about other employees in front of you and to you.

9. They complain about all the responsibility on their shoulders to make you feel guilty, but they secretly revel in the attention.

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10. They frequently yell at you.

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11. You are at fault when they contradict themselves.

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12. They threaten to get you in trouble with their superior even though you haven't done anything to warrant it.

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13. Any offers you make to assist them in anything are considered disingenuous.

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14. And finally, they start to make believe that you really do suck.

But the truth is, you probably rock. So if most of these apply to you, it's time to skedaddle.

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