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10 Drinks We Need To Stop Drinking Right Now

Seriously. Just. Stop.

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1. The Cosmo

Sure they were all the rage on "Sex and the City," but the finale was a decade ago.

2. Anything with Red Bull in it.

It's like a science experiment in your organs!

3. Taking shots.

What taking shots is like in our heads.

4. Taking shots.

What taking shots really means.

5. Rumple Minze.

Enough said.

Enough said.

6. Boxed wine.

When you have to say to yourself, "I bet the hangover won't be that bad, it's worth the $6 savings," you just need to re-evaluate your life choices.

7. Beer bongs.

(Whispered): It's really supposed to be a penis.

(Whispered): It's really supposed to be a penis.

8. Long Island iced tea.


9. Absinthe.

Nothing should be that green.

10. Jager bombs.

Also see #2.

Also see #2.

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