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Which Beyoncé Album Are You?

From Dangerously in Love to Lemonade, Queen Bey has blessed us with countless songs that have touched us to the core.

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  1. 1. If You Could Have A Pet (Or Another One), What Would It Be?
  2. 2. Pick A City To Visit:

    google images
    New York City
    Los Angeles
  3. 3. Pick An Article Of Clothing:

    A tutu
    Button Down Shirt
    Little Black Dress
    Pants Suit
    (Faux) Fur Coat
  4. 4. Your Ex Calls And Says They Want A Second Chance. What Do You Do?
    Hell nah. Nope. Bye.
    Well, maybe...I'll sleep on it.
    New phone, who dis?
    Kindly tell them you are not interested.
    Ignore the call, because you save all your exes under "DO NOT ANSWER"
    Remind them why you broke up.
  5. 5. You Can't Finish A Paper On Time. What Do You Tell Your Professor?
    Beg for an extension.
    There was a paper due?
    Say nothing and just submit it late.
    Come up with an excuse, like your imaginary pet named Fluffy just died and you're under extreme emotional distress.
    Take the L and not submit it at all.
    Pfft, my paper was done two weeks ago, I'm getting an A.
  6. 6. Pick The Best Month Of The Year:

Which Beyoncé Album Are You?

You got: Dangerously In Love

You are a sweet and genuine person. You are outgoing and vibrant, and bring color to the lives of people you love. People flock to you because of your positive attitude and honesty. You have a playful disposition, and you don't take yourself too seriously. You have big dreams, and you know you can achieve them. Your future is bright, so keep on shining!

Dangerously In Love
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You got: B' Day

You tend to keep quiet when you should speak up, and that infuriates you to no end. You like to be alone, but you welcome people into your space occasionally. You are a little too trusting, but you learn from your mistakes, and you grow. You know what you want, but you just need an extra boost of courage to get where you need to be. Don't worry though, because nothing can stand in your way but yourself.

B' Day
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You got: I Am...Sasha Fierce

You are a reserved person, but you can unleash your fiery and passionate side when you want to. You are picky when it comes to bringing people into your life, but when you do, you love hard and deep. You are a determined person; you know the paths you want to take, and you go through different scenarios in your head before you act. Just be careful not to over analyze too much, and you'll go far!

I Am...Sasha Fierce
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You got: 4

You like to be inspired by the people and things around you. You are a creative and adventurous person, and you are determined to take full advantage of what life has to offer. You have no boundaries when it comes to what the future holds, and you never put yourself in one specific box. Keep on being a jack of all trades, boo!

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You got: Beyoncé

You are self-assured. You know exactly what kind of person you want to be, and you never stop learning about yourself. You appreciate the changes you go through in life, and you try your best to hope for the future and let go of the past. You are reflective, and you consider yourself your own best friend. Just make sure to let other people enjoy this thing we call life with you.

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You got: Lemonade

You are unapologetic about the person you are. You wear your emotions on your sleeve, and you are not afraid to tell people exactly how you feel. You forgive, but you don't easily forget. You are free and empowered, and you won't let anyone bring you down. Keep on doing you, hon, and you'll be fine!

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