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13 Struggles Only Gluten-Free People Understand

Make your life a little easier and feed your phenomenal with Lean Cuisine.

1. The pain of hearing the crunching sound of someone else at your table enjoying the warm, free bread.

2. Smelling pizza and knowing you can't buy a dollar slice.

3. On the reverse side, finding good GF pizza that is not $1 million!

4. The annoyance of cooking pasta and not being able to save it because reheated GF just falls apart.

5. Knowing your favorite lunch will never truly be the same.

6. Having so few options for "grabbing something to go."

7. Craving appetizers that require you to eat gluten in order to get the dip into your mouth.

8. And IF you want to eat those things, you have to buy the expensive, GF, not-as-good version and remember to bring it with you to the party.

9. The constant battle with servers at restaurants, having them immediately judge, thinking you're lying, and looking at you like you're a troll.

10. The number of different types of flours gluten-free baking requires is truly ridiculous.

11. But it's AMAZING when flourless chocolate cake is on a dessert menu.

12. Having everyone think you're trying to lose weight or are just being annoying.

13. Knowing that you probably don't have any food at home because your roommate ate all your GF food.

Some people just don't get it. For those that do, Lean Cuisine feeds your phenomenal with 12 different gluten free varieties.

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