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11 Instas That Are Nailing This Gluten-Free Thing

A life without gluten has never looked so good.

1. These stunning nutty tarts topped with coconut yogurt and berries:

2. These colorful rice paper rolls:

3. This low-carb twist on Pad Thai made with kelp noodles:

4. These irresistible steak and caramelized onions tacos with gluten-free rice:

5. This Sri Lankan style "appam" made with coconut milk:

6. And these chocolate chip cookie dough truffles:

7. These tiny rose and pistachio energy balls:

8. This nutrient-packed spinach and asian noodle salad:

9. This heavenly oven-baked medley of cheese, rhubarb, and leek:

10. This chicken coconut curry that packs a little kick:

11. And finally THIS apple and rhubarb crumble with shredded coconut and flaked almonds:

Feeling inspired? Get creative with these flavorful, gluten-free entrees from Lean Cuisine. There's something to satisfy every craving!