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    • leahh13

      We’d been dating foramonth when suddenly he stopped answering my calls or text messages. This went on for about2weeks beforeIfinally ended it by un-relationshipping him on Facebook. We’d promised to go to my best friend from college’s wedding together, at whichIwas the maid of honor, and which my crazy ex-boyfriend was attending, but the breakup happened the week of andIhad to face the crazy ex alone. He did apologize to me and acted very repentant, butIlater figured out that he only felt sorry for himself-he’d been talking to another girl the entire time. It would have been nice if he’d just beenaman and broken up with me if he wasn’t interested instead of dragging that bullshit out and making me do it. Actually, the crazy ex was much, much worse than this. This was just the most recent one.

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