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What The Super Bowl Is Like To People Who Don't Care About Sports

No, that doesn't mean I live for the commercials either.

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1. This is actually what every sport is to you

2. You are much more interested in the Puppy Bowl

3. People are shocked when you say you don't care about the Super Bowl / Via

or sports in general.

4. They tell you how not liking the Super Bowl is "un-American" and you're just like

5. You've lacked enthusiasm for sports since gym class

6. People assume that not caring about the games means that you LOVE the commercials / Via

They're good, I guess.

7. Everyone else watching the game is going crazy

8. And you're just like this

9. When you are watching, you spend your time trying to figure out which team is which / Via

And who exactly the people around you are cheering for.

10. Last year, you didn't understand why there was a football game during a Beyoncé concert

11. You don't get why your friends are rooting for teams they were rooting against before / Via

Really? Since when was that "your team."

12. The game is finally finished!

13. But then you remember this is all people and the news will be talking about for the next few days.

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