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The Miami Checklist

If you can check off 20 or more of these, you can officially consider yourself a Miamian.

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You've felt such intense road rage that acting on it and going to jail wouldn't even phase you.

Our drivers don't believe in turning signals, having insurance or basic human decency.


You've celebrated a major event by ruining your pots and pans (Heat Championships, Fidel Castro "dying," Elian getting sent back to Cuba, those two times the Marlins won the World Series, etc.)


You've experienced seething hatred for the rocks that double as street signs in Coral Gables.

Seriously, all of the streets are NAMES and then you put them on a rock... ON THE GROUND?!

You listened to DJ Laz on Power 96, freaked out when you heard he left, then faithfully followed him to 106.7


You attended a birthday party at Don Carter's (RIP) or Bird Bowl.

You still don't believe in the fancy new bowling spots that have popped up in Sunset Place, Dolphin Mall & SoBe.


You've acted ratchet at Peach Fuzz or Purdy Lounge. Hell, if you've acted ratchet at any club in Miami.

What would you add to the Miami Checklist? Dimelo cantando!

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