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    16 Signs You're A Hot Mess

    All aboard the #hotmessexpress

    1. You rock the pata sucia (dirty feet) look every weekend.

    2. You've perfected the walk of shame.

    3. You disappear so often that your friends downloaded a GPS app onto your phone to track your every move.

    4. No one can recall what happened at the bar, but your bank statement shows that you went HAM.

    5. You wake up with random bruises all over your legs.

    6. You get loud with the McDonald's drive thru attendant when it's 5 a.m. and they're not serving breakfast yet.

    7. Your toilet has been a trusted confidant on more than one occasion.

    8. You always come home with ripped clothing or broken shoes.

    9. You've given up looking for your dignity.

    10. You haven't met an elevated surface that you didn't like dancing on.

    11. Your friends are always on high alert around you.

    12. You watch reality shows like Bad Girls Club and The Real World and laugh at how tame they are.

    13. Your thought about every girl or guy at the bar.

    14. Large chunks of the night are mostly a blur.

    15. How you feel every Sunday morning.

    16. But at the end of the day, this is your personal mantra.