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    15 Perfect Gifts For The Justin Timberlake Fan In Your Life

    You'll have them LoveStoned.

    1. A dick in a box

    Appropriate places to give a d in a b include over at your parents house, the grocery store and backstage at the CMA's.

    2. Suit & Tie

    Tom Ford preferred, obviously.

    3. Denim tuxedo

    For when they're feeling just a little bit country.

    4. Disney Channel Original Movie: Model Behavior

    Because it'll make for an awesome post on #tbt.

    5. Janet Jackson nip jewelry

    Just in case someone has them naked by the end of this post.

    6. Facebook stock

    Because having a million dollars isn't cool. You know what's cool? Being a JT fan.

    7. A home perm kit

    I mean, who wouldn't want those luscious locks?

    8. Mickey Mouse paraphernalia

    For obvious reasons.

    9. Bee Gees Greatest Hits

    So they can sing along during the next Barry Gibb Talk Show.

    10. Sexy.

    He didn't bring it back for nothin'.

    11. The Best of Jimmy Fallon

    A true fan has to be down with JT's BFF.

    12. 7th Heaven: The Complete Series

    Although that still won't help them understand why the George Clooney of our generation married Jessica Biel.

    13. Tickets to go see Runner Runner

    Because that ish needs help at the box office.

    14. A fedora

    They need to be able to rock his signature item.

    15. All his CDs & movies, duh.

    Except The Love Guru. Kill that one with fire.

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