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13 Dogs Who Want You To Stop Dressing Them Up Already

"you're one monkey costume away from me eating your shoes"

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1. " find this funny?"

2. "'Dark side'? I'll show you dark side."

3. "You're lucky I don't befriend Bane the pitbull down the street."

4. "Isn't this a little...much?"

5. "I'm not above totally peeing all over your bed."

6. "Ha, yeah, I get it...wiener dog in a hot dog costume. Very original."

7. "Is this some sort of public shaming?"

8. "When you said 'turkey dog' I was expecting a snack..."

9. "Listen, it's bad enough that we're colorblind."

10. "You guys, I didn't pass out in my shoes. The rule doesn't apply."

11. "Remember that 'present' I left you the other day? I could arrange for that again."

12. "And you expect me to eat my"

13. "Now you've just gone too far."

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