13 Signs Pregnancy Has Turned You Into An 80-Year-Old Man

“Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.”

1. Peeing every 2 minutes has become the new normal, and sometimes you’re praying you make it to the bathroom in time.

It might be time to invest in some adult diapers.

2. The likelihood of you falling and injuring yourself is much greater.

You wouldn’t want to break a hip, or even worse, your water!

3. You fart uncontrollably, whether or not you’re in public.

“Hopefully no one heard, and if they did, I’m not sure I care.”

4. Cranky from an achy back? Welcome to your new life.

5. Hopefully you have more than one bathroom in the house because you’re so constipated that you now spend hours on the toilet.

6. Oh, and speaking of gastrointestinal issues, what about the constant burping and heartburn.

7. You forget… hey what was I just thinking?

8. You find yourself thinking, “what’s that horrible pain in my legs?”

Think you’re too young for sciatica? nope, nope, NOPE!

9. At least you’ll always have a seat on public transportation.

10. And speaking of sitting, just a friendly reminder… DO NOT FALL!

A trip to the hospital is never fun…

11. Also, you now have to brush your teeth more often…

Hey! You wouldn’t want to loose them.

12. Your body no longer feels like it’s yours.

Alas, the good ol’ days of being young are gone.

13. But no matter what, what separates you from being that 80-year-old man is that at the end you have a beautiful, new life to look forward to.

Okay, not that life…

But somehow, in the end, you know it’s all worth it!

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