Every Part Of A Sunday Roast, Ranked

Scientific, and 100% correct.

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23. Onions


Great for flavouring, terrible for eating. Cook them in gravy, roast them with potatoes then leave them off the plate. No-one should be biting into onion, regardless of how they've been cooked.



Goes a small way towards redeeming chicken, as stuffing does add a pretty awesome flavour, especially if sausage-meat is involved as well. But when it comes down to it, you're still stuck with chicken that hasn't been deep-fried.

16. Broccoli


Great vegetable for stir-frys, and soups, and bakes, but for a roast it manages to be too bitter. While there are plenty of recipes around to help it out, they're all a bit complex for a roast.

7. Lamb


There is a very real argument that a roast leg of lamb is the best tasting meat, but it slips down for two reasons. The first is that it costs more. It's a pricey option, whether for a family of six, or a students making a community dinner. The second?

5. Leeks


Actually fairly unpleasant on their own, when added to cheese sauce, they become exceptional. They're higher than cauliflower because Leeks & Cheese > Cauliflower & Cheese > Cauliflower > Leeks. It's science.

4. Carrots


The ultimate roast dinner vegetable. Incredible when roasted, it's the only non-potato vegetable that is utterly irreplaceable. Occasionally, honey-roasted and then unexpected MOUTH ORGASM.

1. Roast Potatoes


The inevitable winner, and the crispy, fluffy core of a roast dinner. Goes with everything, makes everything better, and brilliantly, everyone makes a slightly different variant, meaning there's always room for innovation.

Of course, your mum still makes the best ones.

NB - all views above are subjective, unrepresentative, and possibly wrong.

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