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    24 Ways To Tell You Don't Understand Work-Life Balance

    These may be warning signs.

    1. You've forgotten what sunlight looks like.

    2. Lunch is eaten at your desk...if it's eaten at all.

    And it's not always the best...

    3. You're making some slightly dumb mistakes due to exhaustion.

    Email, in particular, is a continual risk.

    4. You can't remember the last meal you cooked.

    Warner Bros. Entertainment / Via

    Takeaway it is!

    5. Friends have stopped even trying to get you to do things.

    The CW / Via

    Worse, you don't even really notice.

    6. Relationships are a vague memory from a long time ago.

    HBO / Via

    7. Coffee is pretty much the only thing keeping you upright.

    Relativity Media / Via

    8. You're looking forward to meetings, just to get away from your email.

    9. Conference calls are time to multi-task on other work.

    NBC / Via

    Assuming you don't get asked a question while not listening. Which you will.

    10. Even your boss is starting to get worried about you.

    Though that's no excuse for this cruel and unusual punishment.

    11. Yet you're not getting closer to getting any time off.

    AMC / Via

    12. Though let's be honest, you'd spend it checking email anyway...


    (Actually Scaremail is an extension to disrupt NSA surveillance. Check It Out)

    13. Dramatic quitting videos are bookmarked on your browser.

    View this video on YouTube

    You've got a song planned and everything.

    14. You're also becoming less and less tolerant of your co-workers.

    Lionsgate Entertainment / Via

    15. You're becoming increasingly familiar with times you didn't previously know existed.

    NBC / Via

    Who knew Tuesday had this many hours?

    16. Your work is consistently penetrating your dreams. / Via

    It's hard to even be sure what's real anymore.

    17. Logging timesheets is an epic task.


    No, I don't remember what I did at 7:36 on Thursday five weeks ago. I was at work though, pretty sure of that.

    18. Lack of sleep means you're actually coming up with some awesome ideas.

    FOX / Via

    Briefly awesome. Then terrible.

    19. Alcohol has stopped being fun, and is now mostly therapuetic.

    CBS / Via

    It's not good therapy, but still.

    20. There is no chance that you'll take any more work on.

    L Studio.command / Via

    Except you will, because you have to.

    21. Staring at a computer is the only hobby you have left.

    MGM / Via

    22. You're having problems that aren't even making sense.

    23. You've given up on actually getting all the work done.

    NBC / Via

    It's Sisyphus for the digital age.

    24. And yet you just keep slogging on.

    20th Century Fox / Via
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