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22 Moments Of Pure Smoothness On Tumblr

Tumblr is growing up, you guys! It's so nearly ready for its first kiss!

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1. This guy knows what he wants


2. This one was bit a romantic


3. This one was all about building some self-esteem


4. Some went for a cuter move


5. Some went right for the quick win

6. Sometimes, it took a team effort

7. This user went epic

8. Sometimes, it went a bit long

9. Sometimes, it was more easily setup

10. Users have started to be genuinely surprised by the outbreak of smoothness

11. Seriously, no-one could deal with the outbreak

12. This one went nerdy

13. This one was pretty clever

14. This one got technical

15. This one felt like part of a Nicholas Sparks novel

16. This one was all about the turnaround

17. Everyone was getting in on it

18. There was a very rare double smoothness

19. Tumblr couldn't even deal with how smooth everyone was getting

20. They weren't letting anyone put themselves down

21. No matter what was said, someone wants to make them feel better

22. This one was just the perfect punchline

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