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The 18 Best Beer Names Anyone Has Come Up With

Sure, the taste and the ABV% is important, but what really matters is the name.

1. Hoptimus Prime


Working on that lucrative intersection between geek culture and beer culture, this Pennsylvania beer is a fairly tasty double IPA

Ruckus Brewing

2. Seriously Bad Elf


Clearly the best Christmas themed beer anyone could come up with, this is actually a series of beers - Bad Elf, at 4.5%, Very Bad Elf at 7.5%, Seriously Bad Elf, at 9.0%, Criminally Bad Elf, at 10.5% and Insanely Bad Elf at 11.2%.

Ridgeway Brewery

3. Arrogant Bastard Ale


It's hard to describe this beer better than the company themselves does. "This is an aggressive ale. You probably won’t like it. It is quite doubtful that you have the taste or sophistication to be able to appreciate an ale of this quality and depth. We would suggest that you stick to safer and more familiar territory". Thanks for that.

Stone Brew

4. Moose Drool


Actually not a Canadian beer! The Montanan owners allegedly saw an old painting of a moose, dripping water onto their table. Since they were short of a name, Moose Drool seemed like an obvious solution.

Big Sky Brewing

5. Polygamy Porter


"Why have just one?" - Actual Tagline

Wasatch Brew

6. Bishop's Finger


This is allegedly named after a road sign in Kent. But the locals refer to it as 'nun's delight', so it's possible the road sign may be a retcon.

Bishop's Finger

7. Irish Death


A thick, dark beer, dedicated to sounding as terrifying as possible to order.

Iron Horse Brewery

8. The Mens Room


Some beers are mainly focused on testing the dedication of their drinkers. Implying the beer is created in the bathroom would do that.

Elysian Brewery

9. Faceplant


Drink Faceplant to forget your faceplants. Originally only available in skiing season in Germany, it's recently been revived in Missoula to maintain its unique five malt brewing process.

Bayern Brewery

10. Panty Peeler

11. Fiddler's Elbow


A beer drawing its name from an old condition similar to tennis elbow (now somewhat less common), the beer is actually an excellent treatment for the disease. Well, you stop noticing the symptoms at any rate.


12. Collaboration Not Litigation


A few years ago, the rival breweries of of Avery and Russian discovered they both had a beer in their line-up called Salvation. Usually a call to the lawyers would follow, but instead the two got together and decided to combine the two beers, producing this collaborative concoction.


13. Tactical Nuclear Penguin


Hard to choose between Brewdog's excellently named range. This wins out however, over Chaos Theory, Bitch Please, and Nanny State.


14. Vampire Blood


Thick. Tastes like Iron. Very addictive.

Sprecher Brewery

15. Dead Guy Ale


Finding appetising imagery that matches the qualities of the beer is a tricky job. Rogue got close here, but might have just missed the mark.

Rogue Brewery

16. Ginger Tosser


It may be touted as being designed for red-headed pancake makers, but it's probably just offensive.


17. Homo Erectus


It's good to celebrate an anniversary. Homo Erectus was brewed to celebrate the 2 million year anniversary of man walking on two legs.

Walking Man Brewery

18. A Big Thank You For Looking After The Cat


Not regularly available, but the name is just too good to pass up.


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