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    17 Things You Can Do When You Run Into Your Ex

    You will run into them out in the world. You live in the same city, you have the same circle of friends — when you do, how do you react?

    1. Run away

    It's likely they will watch you, judge you, and you will know that forever.

    2. Act as though you were always way too good for them

    True or not, it's all about confidence.

    3. Declare your undying love for them

    Probably the most embarrassing, but on the upside it could work out? Right?

    4. Make some notes for the song you're about to write

    Most effective if you are actually Taylor Swift. Or Adele!

    5. Freeze up

    Useful when you have the emotional intelligence of a brick.

    6. Do something very childish

    Not long-term. If you have mutual friends, prepare to not have them any more.

    7. Hide

    If found, prepare for significant awkwardness.

    8. Drop some truth-bombs...

    ...that are actually petty insults

    9. Act way, way too friendly to them

    You might as well just shout out that you're totally, absolutely not over them

    10. Pretend to be going out with someone much hotter

    "Have you met Ryan?" This plan will unravel - they have Facebook stalked you, so they know you're lying.

    11. Smirk pityingly at them

    WARNING: Sass required to pull off.

    12. Cry. Just cry everywhere

    This is a really strong option if you're not big on dignity. But are big on indiscriminate displays of emotion.

    13. Fake A Phone Call

    Avoidance is the best policy.

    14. Dismiss them with a cutting eyeroll

    Requires control. Of both emotions and eye muscles.

    15. Attempt to sleep with them again

    This is good because it results in emotional distress whether it works or not!

    16. Pretend to have amnesia

    Most likely to lead to sitcom style hi-jinks. Or a Jim Carey movie.

    17. Have a brief catch-up, and go your separate ways like a mature adult

    JK. Has never happened.

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