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    15 Most Offensive Things Written On (That Aren't Fat-Shaming)

    Last week, ReturnOfKings started a terrible hashtag about "fat shaming," yet amazingly, it's one of the least offensive things on the site. Fair warning — you can't un-know that these things exist.

    1. "I don’t understand why women email me for advice. Why would I help the opposing team?"

    2. "Bi-sexuality has quickly become a stand-in for hyper-sexuality."

    3. "Black men have no interest in petite body types. The African man will somehow find the huge ass needle in the haystack, like they have a sixth sense for it. (studies must be done to test their sensitive ass antennae)."

    4. "Piercings and tattoos, dyed hair telegraphs 'rebellion' to social norms. That always translates into sluttiness."

    5. "The next time a girl tells you she was drugged, demand evidence. If she can’t provide it, call her out for being a liar. Small steps towards a better world."

    6. "Reddit, one of the most feminist corners on the internet."

    7. "Thus men are forced to put on airs of being polite to every race, instead of voicing their true feelings to one another."

    8. "I often hear women do not report rapes right away because they are ashamed or humiliated to report that it ever happened. This is pure bullshit."

    9. "#FatShamingWeek will become fat chicks' 9-11. Unexpected, devastating. The 19 "bombers" will become heroes in the skinny world."

    10. "Should men start to forget about their skin color for too long, feminists in the media will make sure to report more racial conflicts so they can maintain the political advantages that come with non-white men fighting white men."

    11. "A woman who claims to have been raped in her own house by a man she knew beforehand is a suspicious claim, since a man looking to rape someone would not pick a target who could identify him to the police."

    12. "If he continues to employ this woman and the sexual tension between them remains, he could lose his marriage, which could be financially devastating for him."

    13. "Coming from a culture where the women are taught to be big-mouthed, rude, and disrespectful, the American visitor to Japan will at once be pleasantly surprised by the poise, demeanor, and courtesy of the Japanese girl."

    14. "These kids are clearly in grade 9 or 10 – literally making my erection a crime by the way; at least according to the man."

    15. "Before you scroll down and begin accusing me of being a paedophile; this video was made in 2010. These kids look at the very youngest to be 14. They’re either 17 or 18 now."

    16. And me, after digging through the site...