14 Times Jose Mourinho Was Much Cooler Than You

Now ‘The Special One’ has returned to England, let’s relish the cool that he’s brought back.

1. The time he ruled the world.

2. The time he applauded as sincerely as he could.

When you win this much, there’s no need to be gracious.

3. The time he won everything, probably.

No-one victory walks as hard as Jose.

4. The time he was just… better.

5. The time he didn’t even need to talk.

Somehow, smug works on Jose.

6. The time he was slightly disappointed.

7. The time he was very disappointed.

8. That time everyone talked too much.

9. The time he knew exactly how cool he was.

10. The time he modeled… something.

11. The time he winked.

12. The time he celebrated in an impeccably tailored suit.

Grass stains? What grass stains?

13. The time he blew a kiss.

14. And of course, the time he was more special than you.

Which, in all fairness, he proved pretty well over the next ten years.

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