10 Signs Chips Are The Best Part Of Your Day

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1. You have painfully vivid dreams about this:

Maybe one day your dream will come true!

2. All through work, the only thing you can think of is when you can crunch again.


3. You’d much rather make out with one of these bad boys than your significant other.

“Mmmm… Mesquite BBQ.”

4. When you see this, you can only think one thing…


5. And you’ll do anything to make the chips come out!

6. You can’t help but brag when you get a handful to yourself!


7. You WILL NOT provide any other snacks at your party besides chips on a stick.

Dan Jewell/(CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: djewell1

8. This is your Sunday best:

9. Because you refuse to eat anything that doesn’t crunch.

Pocahontas/Disney / Via iduus.tumblr.com

10. You know that they’re the best topping ever.

Lauri Patterson / Getty Images

And who doesn’t like ending their day with a delicious burger that has a crunch to match?!

Submit your own chip flavor to Lay’s Do Us A Flavor for a chance to win a million bucks!

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