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10 Struggles New Yorkers Face, As Told By Beyoncé Gifs

Yoncé tells it like it is.

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1. Getting the screen in the back of your cab to shut the fuck up.


The only reason you're taking a cab in the first place is because you're a) drunk b) on the verge of death c) ridiculously late and the last thing you need to hear is Talk Stoop with Cat Greenleaf.

2. Traveling to another borough for anything other than work.


Even if it's only a few extra subway stops, the prospect of having to go all the way into Manhattan to meet a friend for drinks can be justification to bail.

4. Another café built of reclaimed wood, boasting locally sourced food and charging $5 for iced coffee served out of mason jars.


What counts as locally sourced when you live in NYC... are we talking about the 5x5 lot of land sandwiched between the 99-cent store and the KFC in Bushwick that calls itself a community garden?

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