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Dogs Love Taylor Swift Just As Much As Humans Do

Hey, dogs like jamming to Taylor Swift too.

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It seems as though the whole world is in love with Taylor Swift, dogs included!

A photo of a guest's canine, patiently watching Taylor Swift, is going viral this week.

As Taylor appeared to her fans at her 1989 World Tour in Toronto, she noticed a furry friend in the front row. This did not appear to be unusual to her and she continued performing.

"I saw that dog in the front row and did not, for one second, feel that there was anything out of place," Taylor wrote on Tumblr.

Taylor is used to seeing a wide variety of people in the front row, often other celebrities. It is no surprise that Taylor did not think twice about a dog attending her concert, as she hopes everyone enjoys her shows, including furry friends.

The reason as to why the dog was present has not been confirmed. Often, guide dogs are seen at concerts or similar events to assist the impaired or disabled. However, no one knows exactly if the dog was a guide dog or simply a dog who loves Taylor Swift.

Either way, Taylor is awesome for loving all her guests, including the four-legged ones. Who knows, maybe more of her fans will start bringing their cats to her concerts. Taylor Swift cannot hide her love for felines.

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