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17 Truly Annoying Things Tamilians Are Tired Of Hearing

Mind it.

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What did I do to deserve this.

2. "So what does Yenna Rascalla mean?"


It doesn't mean anything because IT IS NOT EVEN TAMIL, OHMYGOD.

3. "You're so fair! How are you even Tamilian?"

Paramount / Via

This isn't awkward at all.

4. "You eat meat? But I thought all Tams were vegetarian!" / Via Kollywood Gifs

*aggressively chews biryani*

5. "What? You drink too? You're not Tamil at all, are you?"

Tumblr / Via

You're not smart at all, are you?

6. "But tell me this... Are spaghetti and curd really a thing down south?"

Tumblr / Via

What have you done, Shah Rukh Khan. What have you done.

7. "Dude, why are your film actors so ugly?"

Disney / Via Tumblr

Maybe it's because we like actors who can... act?

8. "Why is your language all vaango, pongo, mango?"

CW / Via HerCampus

Don't. Just... Don't.

9. "Let's go get some dosa and sambar!"

How dare you stereoty–Actually that sounds delicious.
Report Me / Via

How dare you stereoty–

Actually that sounds delicious.

10. "Oh, I know all about Tamil people! I read 2 States."

London Grumblr / Via

No words. Only tears.

11. "I pronounced your name right this time, didn't I?"

Warner Bros. / Via

Took you only 45 tries but YAY!

12. "Teach me "Lungi Dance," no?"

Spoil The Dead / Via


13. "At least teach me how to wear a lungi?"

Tumblr / Via

Oh, sure!

*whips out lungi from back pocket of jeans*

14. "Bet you were class topper. Tamil people are such nerds."

Tumblr / Via

15. "Man, you guys are all so quiet."


Maybe it's because I don't want to talk to you.

16. "Do you girls really wear jasmine flowers all the time?"

17. "Teach me some Tamil, no? There's this girl at work I want to impress."


"Sure. Just tell her, 'Hi, inikki nee paakarthukku apdiye korangu maari irukka.'"

"Oh man, that sounds really romantic."