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    21 Reasons You Should Be Supporting The Chennai Super Kings

    Aside from the fact that they're the world's #1 IPL team, that is.

    1. First things first: the team's captain is a pretty cool dude.

    Indian Premier League / Via

    Ice cold.

    2. He's also the guy who won India the World Cup back in 2011. Remember that 6?

    Ten Sports

    Rooting for CSK is like rooting for the country, you guys.

    3. Chennai Super Kings have consistently kicked butt since the IPL began.

    Wikipedia / Via

    The lowest spot they ever got to on the table was 4th. Daaaaang.

    4. In fact, they're hands down the most successful team in the IPL.

    Indian Premier League / Via

    They're the only team to have won both the Indian Premier League AND the Champion's League Twenty20 tournament. Twice.

    5. They are the FIRST IPL team to have won all games at their home ground, Chennai.

    Indian Premier League / Via

    Chepauk bleeds yellow.

    6. They're also the first team to win the IPL at home.

    Indian Premier League / Via

    They're the Chepauk Super Kings.

    7. AND the first IPL team to have played a 100 matches.

    The Cricket Nerd / Via

    Bravo summarises our feelings accurately.

    8. They're not just Superkings, they're also comeback kings.

    Youtube / Via

    In the 2010 IPL, they lost five out of their first seven matches. Then they went on to win four out of their next five matches, and had to face KXIP in a must win game to advance to the semis. Guess who sealed victory with a six in the last over?

    The 2010 comeback was one that NO ONE had expected. Not even Dhoni.

    Youtube / Via

    He punched himself after he hit the winning shot - that was how intense that season was. They went on to win the title that year. And the next.

    9. But we don't want them to be your favourite simply because they keep winning.


    10. Or because they have players like Suresh Raina (who is the greatest team player that ever team-played).

    Indian Premier League / Via

    Fun Fact: Raina hasn't missed a single game for the Chennai Super Kings to date. Not a single one.

    11. Or for their resident Greek God, Brendon McCullum

    The Cricket Nerd / Via

    McCullum McFielding.

    12. Or because CSK has a KNIGHT on their team.


    #WWSJD (What Would Sir Jadeja Do?)

    13. Or even because they're the only team that lets enthusiasts sit with them in the dugout.

    Indian Premier League / Via

    #KnowledgeableChennaiCrowd, AMIRITE.

    14. Support them because they're the reason we have this excellent GIF of Kohli.

    Indian Premier League / Via

    When bae texts "hey sexy" and then says "sorry wrong number."

    15. Support them for their concentrated levels of sass.


    Dwayne Bravo is awesome-sass.

    16. Support them for their superior dancing skills.

    Chennai Super Kings / Via

    Like, whaaat.

    (No, seriously. They've got real moves.)

    Chennai Super Kings / Via

    (Like, REAL moves.)

    Chennai Super Kings / Via

    "Faffing about" gets a whole new meaning with Du Plessis.

    17. Support them because even though they're superstars, they make their own filter coffee.

    Chennai Super Kings / Via

    Nehra nailing it.

    18. Support them for their irresistible gameface.

    Youtube / Via

    They should be the Chennai Sunglass Kings. #Sorry

    19. Support them because they make Chennai feel like home to people from very, very far away.

    Wishing everyone a very Happy Tamil New Year. Puthandu Vazthukal Wishes

    It could be just another tournament, but it's not.

    20. Seriously. Bravo is wearing a veshti.

    VettriParavaigal / Via

    *wolf whistle*

    21. Finally, support Chennai JUST to sing along to this song.

    View this video on YouTube

    Chennai, Chennai, we are fucking Chennai.

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