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    Puns That Will Make Tamilians Groan, Grin, And Everything In Between

    Yoda? Poda! (With many hat-tips to Poda Mokka Naaye.)

    1. May the force be with you (to handle these terrible jokes).

    2. No one is spared from these mokkais, not even beautiful Oscar winners.

    3. This joke is pretty Stark.

    4. Did we say it right?

    5. We will never desert you.

    6. Could this be the mother of all Tamil puns?

    7. This guy is such a great sport.

    8. This one's for you, Harry Potter fans!

    9. You can count on us...

    10. This one might break your back.

    11. Here is some food for thought.

    12. Such an average joke, really.

    13. Take some time to chew on this.

    14. This one's a cracker.

    15. If you've come this far, then you probably have an appetite for bad jokes.

    16. Orange you glad we included this fruity pun?

    17. These jokes are so bad, they make me blush.

    18. Ok we'll stop. We don't want to drag-on any more.