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    14 Incredibly Cool Things You Need To Do In Chennai

    *catamarans into the sunset*

    1. Eat a dosa at iD.

    2. Visit the Gangaikondaan temple.

    3. Spend an afternoon at the Theosophical Society Gardens.

    4. Take part in the Olive Ridley conservation walk.

    5. Go surfing in Kovalam.

    6. Indulge in the filter coffee ice cream at Amadora.

    7. Spend some quiet time at the Anna Centenary Library.

    8. Soak in some history on the Madras High Court Heritage Walk.

    9. Chill a while with some crocodiles.

    10. Marvel at the ancient bronzes showcased in The Government Museum.

    11. Go on a catamaran ride.

    12. Watch the sunrise at Thiruvanmiyur beach.

    13. Catch a movie at the Sathyam Multiplex on a ₹10 ticket.

    14. Experience folk art at Dakshinachitra.