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    Nov 7, 2014

    11 Times We Needed A Kamal Haasan GIF To Express Ourselves

    Happy 60th birthday, Kamal Haasan! In honour of one of India's greats, it's only fair that we enlist his help to tell people how we really feel about the world.

    1. Really large download, really slow internet, 98% complete.... And crash.

    Via Mahanadi

    2. When you've been living alone for a while and you come home for vacation.

    Eros International / Via

    Feed me, amma! Feed me!

    3. When you're forced to say hi to your ex in public.

    4. When your ringtone is your jam.

    5. When your friend (repeatedly) asks for your advice, does the exact opposite, and then comes back for consolation.

    6. When the dude next to you lets one riiip.


    Beans. Definitely beans.

    7. When you're the only guy in yoga class.

    8. When you go drinking with that one hilarious friend of a friend.

    9. When your girlfriend hands you her shopping list.

    10. When you've had enough of your boss.


    Activate #ragemode

    11. When you suddenly look into a mirror, see how good looking you are, and feel supremely grateful.


    Thank you God, for giving my father's eyes and not his nose. Thank you. Thank you.