People Are Revealing Their Dating 'Icks', And I Wasn't Expecting Some Of These

    "Calling me sweetheart. Can't stand it".

    Recently, we asked the Buzzfeed Community to tell us about some of their 'icks' when it comes to dating, and let me tell you, some of the answers were very relatable, and others were high-key ridiculous!

    Here are some of their icks:

    1. Various bodily functions.

    "When someone sneezes multiple times in a row whenever they sneeze. I know it's involuntary, but it just irks me to my core".


    "When they clear their throat multiple times in a row. I know they can’t help it, but mad".


    "Talking through burps. I’d rather hear one big burp than 20 small raspy ones as you’re trying to tell me a story!"


    2. Questionable table manners.

    "A guy I dated would refuse to wipe food from his beard until he finished eating!! So for the whole meal I’d sit there looking at sauce and bits of food hanging off his beard, then he’d wipe it at the end! Totally gross!".


    "Chewing with an open mouth, or picking their teeth". 


    "If I can hear them eating and it's not crunchy food that would be loud for anyone... Goodbye".


    3. Oversharing on social media.

    "Someone who shares wayyyy too much on social media. I don’t care if you have it, but constantly sharing details on it, (especially ones that should be private) is a major ick for me".


    4. Romantic pet names.

    "Calling me sweetheart, can't stand it".


    5. When they're too serious.

    "People who are obsessed or overly concerned about coming off as "grown up." They are, ironically some of the biggest overgrown children ever & are excruciating to be around. I feel like I can't even breathe around those people without being scrutinized. Like bro, loosen up and have some fun".


    6. Pulp Fiction fans, apparently.

    "When their favourite movie is Pulp Fiction. Like, it is a really good movie, but your favourite?"


    7. Loud talkers.

    "Having zero volume control. I can't stand people who don't understand the concept of an inside voice, who talk at a few decibels below a shout at all times, regardless of setting. At a concert or noisy fair ground? Have at it, holler away. In a restaurant or store? Ffs lower the volume. It's just embarrassing knowing every person in a given room can hear at least one half of your conversation".


    8. Reckless road crossing.

    "People who dash through crosswalks when the walk time is almost or fully over. it’s not a race, and being that reckless around cars both concerns and irks me".


    9. Riding motorcycles.

    “I don’t know why, but motorbikes and motorcyles – I can’t hack it, if a guy came up to me on a motorbike I’d have to tell him to turn around. Mopeds are on the edge, but they’re okay". 


    10. Pooping in the wilderness.

    "Second date was a forest walk with my dog. Partway through we paused for my dog to relieve herself. I said 'sorry, bathroom break'. Turned around and the dude was poorly hidden behind a tree having a bathroom break of his own".


    11. Bad fashion advice.

    "A big ick I had while shopping for work clothes with my husband is when he offered 'what about a pencil skirt?' Like no! it's not 1975 I'm not going to work in a pencil skirt and tights. I was very icked out".


    12. A huge Instagram following.

    "A guy that's preoccupied with his Instagram following, especially if they put in their bio '40k?', or 'deleted at 50k'. No one cares, respectfully. Caring about followers in 2022? I can't deal".  


    13. Texting “how are you?”

    "It’s such an formal way to start a conversation, and it makes things feel so unnatural – I instantly feel like I’m talking to an older relative or something".


    14. When they're self-centered.

    "Talking way too much about themselves and how great they are, but never asking anything about me".


    15. Remixing words.

    "For some reason my husband pronounces the word 'hilarious' as 'hilaaaarious'. I say to him, 'MUST you say that in Katharine Hepburn’s voice?' He doesn’t say any other word like that. Someone help me!".


    16. Or just not using the official names for something.

    "When I first started dating my husband, I slightly cringed when he called dessert a 'sweet treat'. I don't know why the hell that rubbed me the wrong way, it just did. I've gotten used to it, it's now shortened to just 'treats', but it's still weird to me, and I have no idea WHY it irks me the way it does".


    17. Using "x" at the end of a sentence.

    "I just makes me cringe, especially if they do it after every single sentence". 


    18. And lastly, emojis.

    "When someone uses this emoji '🥺'".


    Note: Some entries were edited for length and/or clarity.

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