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    13 Hacks From Taco Bell Customers That'll Blow Your Mind

    It's time to live life on the edge.

    1. Bring back your long-lost favorite, the Enchirito, by ordering the bean burrito, adding beef, and topping it off with red sauce and cheese.

    2. Can't decide between a cheese quesadilla and a burrito? Good news: You don't have to. Just ask for a Cheesarito.

    3. Wish that your nachos had a little more "kick" to them? Just ask for Doritos instead. (Hint: You can do this for ANY nacho item.)

    #protip nacho supreme from Taco Bell, have them use Doritos

    AlonzoDReed / Via Twitter: @AlonzoDReed

    4. Vegans, rejoice. We've got a way to make Taco Bell 100% vegan — just order a vegetarian option and make your order fresco style.

    And I tried the vegan crunch wrap at taco bell and it was LOVELY never knew about the fresco hack until now

    rasha / Via Twitter: @xNahkriinx

    They'll switch out any mayo-based sauces, cheeses, sour cream, and guac with freshly-made pico de gallo instead!

    5. For a beefed up flavor, stuff a Beefy Nacho Loaded Griller inside a Grilled Beefy Stuft Nacho and throw on some Diablo sauce.

    6. McDonald's loyalists: Pair some chicken chips with a taco and you basically have a McChicken. It just works.

    Taco Bell chicken chips in a soft shell taco=McChicken #tacobellhacks

    JEREAD / Via Twitter: @JeraedH

    7. Take your taco to the next level by sliding it in a panini press, or get some serious grill marks on that burrito with the same hack.

    Taco bell in the panini press might be the new move

    Ok sundresses,, but for guys / Via Twitter: @gateshow_

    8. Instead of ordering a MexiMelt, save yourself $1 by getting a beefy mini quesadilla and hitting it with tons of pico sauce.

    9. Satisfy your craving for something spicy by amping up that beef burrito with a few free add-ons.

    10. Vegetarians: The Taco Bell menu just became a playground of your dreams. Just sub potatoes for meat in any menu item, for free. *Whistles*

    Life saving hack for any vegetarians out there: Taco Bell let's you replace meat on any order with potatoes

    miss behaverly / Via Twitter: @wavyygravy

    11. Still want that extra protein? No worries — you can sub beans for any meat on the menu!

    After I found out you can substitute beans for meat at Taco Bell, my whole life changed.

    cabezona / Via Twitter: @magnanimitea

    12. Make your own Lava sauce by mixing the chain's famous nacho cheese sauce with two to three (or, let's be real, like FIVE) packets of Fire sauce. Top off some tacos or dunk your burrito in it — the more, the better.

    13. And finally, make all your unicorn dreams come true by ordering a mix of three slushes for the price of one. Yes, it really does exist.