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What Are Some Things You Think "Harry Potter" Really Messed Up?

Neville should have been The-Boy-Who-Lived.

For the most part, everyone loves the Harry Potter series.

In fact, some people consider themselves part of the Golden Trio, or even an honorary Weasley sibling.

But sometimes, the Harry Potter universe can be annoying and unbelievably frustrating.

Maybe, instead of the Remus-Tonks love story that seemingly popped out of nowhere, you shipped Sirius/Remus and wished it could've worked out.

Or perhaps, you think Hermione and Ron were never meant to be. Instead, it was always Harry and Hermione all along.

Or maybe, just mayyyybe, you think the Final Battle ended all wrong: Harry should have never survived, and that's just the TRUTH.

We've all had these thoughts about our most-beloved series, before. Now, tell us what Harry Potter got wrong and what you THINK should have happened instead: