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Design Your Dream Milkshake And We'll Give You A Drink That Matches Your Personality

Are you more vanilla or chocolate?

Take this interactive quiz to build your perfect milkshake! You can scroll down if you need some tips on how the video works.

Nothing says summer lovin' and beach weather like milkshakes. They're a fun, whimsical, and totally indulgent way to beat the heat!

With so many delectable variations on the classic shake, we want to know how you make yours!

Here's how it works: The video at the top of this post will guide you through a series of questions. Follow the prompts and select your favorite options to assemble your dream shake!

First, you'll choose your base: are you going the classic route or making yours dairy-free?

Next up is the most important question ever: vanilla or chocolate ice cream?

Now, you FINALLY get to start living out your childhood fantasies. It's time to load on some toppings!

Want to make another? Feel free to hit replay after making your shake and explore a whole new world of sugar-filled possibilities. There's even a recipe at the end to help you start creating!

Be sure to let us know what makes YOUR perfect milkshake in the comments below!