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10 Moments Every Beginning Driver Experiences

We've all been down that road.

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Hopping in the driver's seat for the first time and assuming it wouldn't be hard because you use to slay in your Barbie Jeep.


Accepting the fact that driving school sucks, and there will never be a longer two weeks of your life.


Feeling like you’re doing well, but your passenger’s screams beg to differ. Whoops!


Feeling like a straight b0$$ when your parents let you borrow the car #blessed #flexing.

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Thinking, "Ohhhh, so this is the highway? Jesus, you know what to do."

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After finally getting your license you’re so stoked that when your mom complains about not having milk, you race to the keys. You wanna drive everywhere, even if it is just to the corner store.

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Realizing you may have got the hang of driving, but backing up is a whole other ball game...


…and so is parking. Not everyone’s got mad parallel parking skills like this little girl. *Sigh*


Seeing a cop roll up behind you, and just knowing that whatever you've done, you been caught.

Coming thiiiiis close to an accident and suddenly realizing this is a lot different than Mario Kart.


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