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What Your Favorite Backstreet Boy Says About You

Quit playing games with my heart and find out.

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Kevin Richardson


You are probably the older one of your friends but that doesn't phase you one bit. You are the one people turn to for advice and you help friends with whatever life throws at them. This sometimes makes you the father or mother figure of the group but it's a great role to have.

Howie Dorough / Via

You are probably an adorable person who has such a passion for life. You're a goofball who might be a little shy but when it's your turn to shine that is exactly what you do. Friends can always look to you for unconditional advice because you don't pick sides.

AJ McLean / Via

Others may see you as dark and mysterious. You may be a rebel and you certainly have a flair for bad boys or girls. Tattoos and piercings are your thing. You have a unique sense of fashion that rocks your world. But you are a real sweetheart with a goofy side.

Brian Littrell / Via tumblr

You were most likely the class clown in school. Today you always know how to make your friends laugh. You are sensitive and romantic. If you sing, you have the voice of an angel. You have a heart of gold.

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You have always been the popular one out of your friends. Wearing big jerseys for your favorite teams is a must. You are passionate about the environment and the world around you. You treat your friends like family. Actually you are just perfect. Don't ever change.

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