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20 Reasons You Should Be Crushing On Evan Peters From American Horror Story

He's played a psychopath all the way to a frankenstein frat boy. Here is why he should be making your heart skip a beat. Some American Horror Story spoilers.

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1. The way his smile melts your heart

2. Dimples have never been this cute

What a dreamboat

3. I don't know who is licking his face but I want to be her

4. The adorable way he dances

5. When he bites his lip and you physically cannot breathe anymore

6. Oh to be that water

7. Accused of murder. STILL ADORABLE

8. The way he makes you swoon

9. He makes being a psychopath sexy

10. The cute way he says I love you

11. Dancing with Jessica Lange is just part of the job

12. The man sure can wear a pair of suspenders

13. He makes me want a dress to match the most ridiculous suit

14. His dreamy curly hair

15. He gives Casper a run for his money

16. Undead and still dreamy

17. He knows how to work that suit and tie

18. He has a Mom tattoo

So adorable

So adorable

19. The way his eyes stare into your soul

20. He makes you want to run away with him

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