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Medicinal Colors

Has anyone ever told you that you were pale, or green with nausea, or so cold that you were turning purple? How about if you were so embarrassed or angry that you started turning red? Have you also experienced some dark times or felt blue? Gotten black and blue marks? Your physical and emotional features are colors. So let's talk about remedies. Do you know what colors associate with types of medicinal drugs? *Contains mature content*

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  1. Sedatives

  2. Stimulants

  3. Antidepressants

  4. Anxiety

  5. Pain Relievers

  6. Viagra is known as the _______ pill

  7. Nexium is known as the _______ pill

  8. What color is Pepto-Bismol?

  9. What color often associates with Adderall?

  10. What color do you see a lot of on a bottle of Tums?

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