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    21 Melbourne Walks That Will Take Your Breath Away

    At least, when it's not raining.

    1. Bayside Coastal Trail

    2. Dights Falls Trail

    3. Royal Park, Melbourne

    4. Two Bays Walking Trail

    5. Banksia Park to Heide walk

    6. Merri Creek Trail

    7. 1000 Steps walk

    8. Maribyrnong River Trail

    9. Pound Bend River Walk, Warrandyte

    10. Hobsons Bay Coastal Trail

    11. Capital City Trail

    12. Sherbrooke Falls Trail

    13. Capital City Trail

    14. Foreshore Trail

    15. Domino Trail, Trentham

    16. Albert Park Lake

    17. Werribee Gorge State Park Circuit Walk

    18. The Tan

    19. Plenty Gorge Park

    20. Organ Pipes National Park Trail

    21. Hanging Rock

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