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    19 Melbourne Cafés That Are Taking Avocado Toast To A Whole New Level

    Because nobody smashes avo like they do.

    1. Tom Dick & Harry, South Yarra

    2. Journeyman, Windsor

    3. Combi, Elwood

    4. The Vertue of the Coffee Drink, Carlton

    5. Crompton Coffee, Richmond

    6. Proud Mary, Collingwood

    7. Barry, Northcote

    8. Feast of Merit, Richmond

    9. Drugstore Espresso, South Yarra

    10. Mixed Business, Clifton Hill

    11. Sardi, Hawthorn

    12. Touchwood, Richmond

    13. Legacy, Camberwell

    14. Shifty Chevre, Fitzroy

    15. Cheerio, Richmond

    16. Fifteen Pounds, Fairfield

    17. Mr Hendricks, Balwyn

    18. Kinfolk, CBD

    19. Top Paddock, Richmond

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