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33 Epic Burgers Everyone In Melbourne Needs To Try At Least Once

They do good things in the food capital of Australia.

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1. The Melbourne Madness burger at Easey's, Collingwood

Because there's literally nowhere else in the world you can eat a burger with two beef patties, bacon, dim sims, and a Melbourne Bitter-battered potato cake in a train on a roof. It's ridiculously Melbourne, and you should 100% do it.

2. The Midnight Burger at Temple Brewing, Brunswick East

Doing much more than brewing some great local beer in Brunswick East, Temple also have a surprisingly great food menu. The Midnight Burger takes full advantage of the charcoal bun, stuffing it with a 100% wagyu beef patty, bacon, jack cheddar, lettuce, tomato, pickled zucchini, onion, and tomato relish. There's also a vego version — aptly dubbed the Midnight Mushroom — and an impressive fried chicken slider that comes a close second to this one.

3. The Southern Fried Chicken Burger at Arbory Bar & Eatery, CBD

Not just relying on it's prime posi next to the Yarra, Arbory has a menu that's as killer as their river views, including this juicy, crispy fried chicken burger. It comes complete with coleslaw and crinkle cut chips, too.

4. The Oh Brother at Brother Burger, Fitzroy and South Yarra

Choosing your burger at Brother Burger is no easy feat — there's over 15 on the menu, including some great vegetarian options — but the Oh Brother is a crowd favourite. It's got two juicy wagyu patties, double cheese, and the epic addition of jalapeños and pickled onions.


5. The 'Shroom Burger at Beatbox Kitchen, all around Melbourne

Vegetarian burgers can be done so wrong, but Beatbox's roving food truck kitchen gets them so right. The secret seems to be simplicity — it's just cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and a whole roasted portobello. Follow them on Instagram to find out where you can get yourself one of these badboys.

6. The beef burger at Mr Scruff's, Collingwood

Mr Scruff's sure know how to give you a hangover, and they know exactly how to cure it: with a Bloody Mary, poutine, and a bloody good beef burger. Visit on Wednesdays for half-price food (yes, really) or on "Chewsdays" when they have a special, limited edition, over-the-top and utterly ridiculous new burger on the menu.

7. The Bergerk at YOMG, Glen Waverley

A frozen yoghurt joint in Glen Waverley that does burgers? Sort of bizarre. A frozen yoghurt joint in Glen Waverley that does burgers that are actually really, really good? Amazing. We don't know why this is a thing, but we're glad it is. Try the Bergerk: fried chicken, cheese, tomato, lettuce, and chipotle mayo.

8. The Minor at Tuck Shop Take Away, Caulfield

We don't know how Tuck Shop manage to make a cheeseburger taste so good, but somehow they nail it every time. Pair it with a Redskin milkshake, some fries, and a nostalgic treat on one of their cute pastel tuck shop trays — but just don't get there too late as these guys regularly sell out.


9. The 8bit with Cheese at 8bit, Footscray

A classic beef and cheese burger in a soft, brioche bun. 8bit are so popular that they don't just have a burger monopoly over the west — people drive from all over to get their hands on one of these babies. Order with a side of loaded fries.

10. The Double Patty Smash at Rockwell and Sons, Collingwood

There's not too much to this one — it's a double patty with Kraft cheese, and special sauce on a seeded bun — but it's Melbourne's quintessential American, straight shooting burger of choice. Double points if you can smash some fried chicken in the same sitting.

11. The Plugger at the St Kilda Burger Bar, St Kilda

Remember the drive thru? Where you got food handed to you through your car window without even having to undo your seatbelt? Well, it's back, and this time, for gourmet burgers. We're not talking about McDonald's, by the way — we're talking about the St Kilda Burger Bar at The Grosvenor Hotel, which is serving up grass fed, 100% Angus wagyu beef burgers for people on the go. The Plugger is a combo of beef, bacon, cheese, a hash brown, and hot sauce. And no, you won't have to get out of your car.

12. The Cape Grim beef black bun burger at The Kettle Black, South Melbourne

Despite the black charcoal bun and the mean-looking slices of Cape Grim beef, Kettle Black's take on the burger still manages to be the prettiest of the lot. Have it for breakfast or lunch — just remember to take a snap of it first.


13. The Huxtaburger at Huxtaburger, Collingwood, Prahran, Hawthorn and CBD

Huxtaburger is legend by Melbourne standards, and the signature Huxtaburger — beef, mustard, mayo, tomato, cheese, lettuce, and pickles is a trusty go-to if you want a classic beef burger on a slightly sweet (but not brioche) bun.

14. The Jiro at Dandenong Pavilion, Dandenong

Melbourne's most serious burger lovers go absolutely nuts over this place, and rightly so. The burgers at DPav are legit. Ask for the ~secret~ burger menu to get to the good stuff, and order the Jiro: the beef patty is topped with braised lamb, Swiss cheese, and a truffle mayo. Go the whole hog (you did just drive out to Dandenong, after all) and finish off with a Nutella doughnut or a three waffle stack, layered with custard, chocolate sauce, and cream.

15. The mushroom burger at The Local Burger Co., Carlton North, Croydon & Docklands

With both mushrooms and haloumi together in one non-meat Nirvana of a bun, vegetarians get the best of both worlds with this burger at The Local Burger Co. Seriously, the hunk of haloumi is so big, you will not be complaining about skimping here.

16. The Le Bon Ton Cheeseburger at 5 Points Deli, Carlton

Named after the deli's mega successful Collingwood sister restaurant, this is another cheeseburger that checks all the boxes. Best for when you're craving beef, bacon, and cheese.


17. The Zee Man at Big Boy BBQ, Caulfield, Hawthorn & CBD

As the name suggest, this place does some serious, no-nonsense BBQ. You won't find any patties here, just juicy, slow cooked pieces of brisket, chicken, and pork. Our pick is the sliced beef brisket Zee Man burger, because it comes filled with fried onion strings. For real.

18. The Bacon Cheeseburger at The Tramway Hotel, Fitzroy North

This cosy Fitzroy North corner pub is perfect for a beer or two, but they've also gained a bit of a local following for their burgers. The staple maple smoked bacon cheeseburger is a no-brainer: it comprises of a chargrilled brisket patty with onions, rocket, Kewpie mayo, tasty cheese, pickles, mustard, and in-house maple smoked bacon in a brioche bun. They usually have a few burger specials and some solid vegetarian options too.

19. The Combi Southern Fried Mushroom Burger at Kustom Burgers, Thornbury

Just like fried chicken, only vego. Kustom Burgers are doing the best buns in Thornbury, so get out there and try this mushroom creation — the Portobello is coated in secret herbs and spices, fried, and topped with cheese, jalapenos, slaw, and Kustom's chipotle mayo.

20. The Kentucky Derby at Burger Boys, CBD

And for real fried chicken, you can't go past Burger Boys' Kentucky Derby. The chicken is twice fried (something you never you knew you needed in your life) and topped with Sriracha mayo, slaw, and American cheese. These guys aren't long on the burger scene, but the burgers at their Lonsdale Street store are in high demand.


21. The Jackie O at Fat Bob's Bar & Grill, Moorabbin

Another one to add to the Melbourne outer suburbs burger pilgrimage. Fat Bob's could have easily sat under the radar, pumping out classic American-style burgers in Moorabbin, but word got out and now people will travel out to the south-east suburbs just for a Jackie O: a 180g grass-fed beef patty with tomato, red onion, fontina cheese, cos lettuce, mustard, tomato and Fat Bob's special sauce.

22. The crispy fish burger at The Royale Brothers, Brighton

Fish burgers might be a bit of a taboo when it comes to burger purists, but they're wholly underrated. The crispy fish burger at The Royale Brothers in Brighton suits the bayside suburb perfectly — it's made to be washed down with a beer on hot afternoons.

23. The Merrywell burger at The Merrywell, Southbank

Located in Crown Casino, The Merrywell's burger repeatedly makes it into top ten lists of Melbourne's best burgers. So don't be put off by its location — enter via Clarendon Street and order their signature bun, The Merrywell. It's a simple combo of beef, bacon, cheese and pickles, and a consistently good choice.

24. The vegan chicken burger at The Cornish Arms, Brunswick

A must-visit for vegans and vegetarians looking for a burger with a meat-like texture. The Cornish Arms does an amazing selection of vegan dishes, including this southern fried mock chicken fillet with fake bacon, vegan cheese, avocado, lettuce, and tomato with chipotle aioli. Non-vegan burgers available too.


25. The Umami Burger at NSHRY, Albert Park

If you're searching for that perfect balance of umami, then you can't really go past the Umami Burger at beachside cafe, NSHRY. The wagyu Angus beef is covered in an umami rub, cooked medium rare, and served with a brown mushroom sauce, gruyere, caramelised onions, tomato, and a parmesan crisp in a brioche bun. Phew.

26. The St Ali Royale with cheese at St Ali, South Melbourne

Maybe one of the only places you can get a beef burger with your coffee from 7am every day of the week, this place is super important - because burgers are a breakfast food too.

27. The Francis Underwood at The Grand Trailer Park Taverna, CBD

This is not one for the faint of heart (or the small on stomach space), because the Francis Underwood doesn't just have a beef patty between its sweet brioche buns, it has a mac and cheese croquette in there too. The Grand Trailer Park Taverna stays on-brand the whole way through, from the trashy burgers to the kitsch fit-out, to the spiked milkshakes on offer.

28. The Mr Veg at Mr Burger, various locations

Yes, Mr Burger is known for their amazing no nonsense beef burgers, but their falafel burger is just as worthy of a mention. The crisp, deep-fried falafel does wonders as a meat substitute, and goes with the standard burger cheese, lettuce, tomato and pickle situation.


29. The pulled pork burger at The Dude Food Man, Essendon

Another quality option for westside burger lovers, The Dude Food Man food truck has a home base in Essendon. Along with the classic beef burger, and a golden fried chicken option, the pulled pork can do no wrong.

30. A burger with the lot at Andrew's Hamburgers, Albert Park

Thought the classic fish and chip shop hamburger was dead? Not so. At least, not at Andrew's Hamburgers in Albert Park where people have been lining up for these burgers since 1939.

31. The beef and bacon burger at Two Little Pigs Charcuterie & Grind, Brunswick

Sick of bacon being an afterthought on your burger? Get to Two Little Pigs Charcuterie and Grind on Sydney Road — they're all about bacon, so you know it won't be forgotten as an extra. Their beef and bacon burger features a thick-cut of bacon, along with a beef patty, cheese, lettuce, tomato, relish, and aioli.

32. The Too Cheesy at Hello Sam, South Yarra

Because it's the cheese that really makes a burger. This beauty from Chapel Street's Hello Sam has a super cheesy mouth-coating cheddar ale melt blanketing the 100% Angus beef patty.

33. The Chew at Chew Burger, Preston

Preston's favourite burger at Preston's favourite burger joint is The Chew: a wagyu patty with cos lettuce, tomato, pickles, mustard, aioli, and cheddar. Roll up your sleeves and enjoy it in all its juiciness.