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This Winter-Themed Parody Of "I Can't Feel My Face" Is So Depressingly Accurate

"I can't feel my face 'cause I live here in Manitoba."

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By now you've surely asked yourself: "What sort of music would The Weeknd make if he was a white dude named Corny living in Manitoba?" Well. Now we know.

Corny Rempel, a radio personality and Elvis impersonator (seriously) in Steinbach, Manitoba, made a perfect parody of The Weeknd's "I Can't Feel My Face." He also can't feel his face, but only because he lives in Manitoba.

Poor, silly Corny tries to do things like mow his lawn and start his car.

Steinbachonline / Via

And other inadvisable activities.

Steinbachonline / Via

Steinbach had a high of -17 on Monday, with windchill making it feel like -29. Really makes you feel for the guy.

Steinbachonline / Via

Watch his tribute in all its chilly glory.

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Stay warm, Corny. 🔥