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    A Shortcut To Hogwarts Has Been Spotted In Montreal

    But, like, not actually.

    On Thursday afternoon some curious signage started appearing on a Montreal subway line.

    The signs appeared along the Metro's blue line, covering the station names.

    Photos also started appearing on social media using the hashtag #934mtl.

    The name would suggest that running into the patch of wall would lead directly to the Hogwarts Express.

    But the use of duct tape suggests muggle shenanigans.

    Sadly, the signs are merely the work of computer wizards rather than the potion brewing, wand flicking variety.

    Now that's an interesting sight in the metro today! #934mtl

    According to Métro, the signs are a frosh week prank from computer engineering students at the Université de Montréal.

    Other commuters looked pretty amused with the signs.

    Still, there's something cruel about offering even a fleeting moment of hope that Hogwarts is real.

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