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This Woman's Tinder Date Turned Into Her Desperately Trying To Escape A Boat

"Someone save me."

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When she matched with him again after deleting and reinstalling the app, they started chatting. She said Adam seemed nice, and good-looking, and she eventually agreed to go out with him for Labor Day.

Kayla Hutch

"I wasn’t that interested in him the entire time which is why it had taken so long," Hutch told BuzzFeed News. "But he was so persistent and really nice over text so when he brought up the idea of going on a Labor Day boat ride, it sounded nice and I thought I’d give him a chance."

But when she got to the boat she said she realized she was not the only woman Adam had invited from Tinder.

Kayla Hutch

"I was making conversation with some of the other girls and I was sort of asking how they knew him and one of them told me she knew him the same way I had. They’d been talking on Tinder and this was their first time meeting," she said.

She said there were about five men on board — Adam and some friends — and about 15 young women.

It basically felt like a Bachelor boat, according to Hutch, and she was livid.

"I was immediately angry," she said.

"I guess that’s a normal thing for him. He invites a bunch of girls for his friends so he can make sure they all hook up with someone."

That's when she started posting live Facebook videos of her ordeal.

Kayla Hutch

She said she ended up spending the trip hanging out with other disgruntled women at the back of the boat eating chips.

At one point, she said Adam came over to ask her why she looked so unhappy.

"I think he could see I was annoyed and came over and was putting his arm around me," she said.

"I asked him, 'Is this something that you do? you invite a bunch of girls to hang out and just pick the one you want?'"

In response, he just told her not to be uncomfortable, and denied that anything awkward was going on.


Thankfully, another girl knew someone with a boat and the two made their escape. "Sorry about your shoes!" she yelled.

Facebook: video.php

Hutch's friends, who'd been watching this all unfold on Facebook, started leaving messages saying "Where's Kayla?" on Adam's Instagram page.


He responded by calling Hutch a "psycho." The comments have since been deleted.

And just in case you're worried Hutch missed her chance at true love, this is the comment she said Adam eventually left for her on Facebook. He said she got "played" then insulted her appearance.

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