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This Canadian Farmer Decided To Never Send A Cow To Slaughter Again

He loves his animals too much to send them to the butcher.

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Running a farm is expensive, so like many other farmers, Lanigan brought cows to the butcher to pay the bills.

"I never liked that part," said Lanigan in a video made by his employee, Edith Barabash. "As a farmer you can kind of just turn off that part."

Or at least he did up until a couple of months ago as he was helping a newborn calf get its first milk. "I was doing it with such love, and talking to it, and cleaning the scuzz of its face and trying to get it on its mama," said Lanigan.

That's when he remembered Wilfred Fletcher, an old man who had worked for his father on the farm. He remembered how loving Fletcher had been with the cows. Then he looked back at the calf.

"He was so careful with his animals, and then I said, 'Oh it’s too bad I’m gonna knock you in the head and cut you into pieces and eat you,'" said Lanigan.

"And then I thought how hypocritical of me to give something so much love and the end thing is so different from that love."


And a "guard donkey" named Buckwheat who's happy to buck Lanigan if he's not getting enough attention.

One day, Lanigan hopes to take in more cows in need of homes, like those that have been seized by animal control from neglectful owners.

Barabash created the video and Facebook page in hopes of getting the farm to official sanctuary status.

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Barabash told The Dodo that they hope to get official sanctuary status as soon as possible.

"We do need a solid amount of startup money though, because raising cows is extremely expensive. But we're getting there," she said.