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    This Polite Baby Raccoon Greeted Passengers At Toronto's Airport

    "Hello human visitors!"

    Toronto is crazy about raccoons. It's just a fact. So it was completely appropriate when this little fella popped out of a ceiling tile to greet passengers arriving at Pearson airport.

    The wee fluff was recorded casually hanging out over the luggage carousel, delighting passengers and enforcing this city's sweetest stereotype.

    At Toronto Pearson Airport, we spotted this little fellow checking to see who had come off the flight from Edmonton.

    Like, "Hello human visitors!"

    "Can I recommend a moderately-priced restaurant?"

    People were clearly chuffed to have received a personalized raccoon welcome to the city.

    a baby raccoon just casually hanging in the ceiling at Pearson airport welcoming passengers!! 😭 @CP24 @CityNews…

    This is legitimately one of the most Toronto things to have ever happened.

    Welcome to Toronto. Population: 2,730,000... raccoons.

    Because we assume that even our raccoons are polite.

    @camerongraham @Phor_ding0 "Welcome to Canada. Welcome to Canada. Welcome to Canada. The beaver? He has day shift.…

    It also spawned a Twitter parody account, because of course.

    Why is @TorontoPearson sending people to look for me to remove me? I am not flying United!

    The airport tweeted that our new ambassador/overlord has been relocated to a more fitting environment.

    Despite his intentions of travelling abroad, our friend the raccoon has decided Toronto has all the culture he needs. 1/3

    The raccoon is currently being taken back home to his natural habitat. 2/3

    He wanted us to thank you all for the celebrity treatment. 🐾 3/3

    We'll never forget you, Ceiling Raccoon. <3

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