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    This Cartoon Perfectly Captures Canada's Response To Fort McMurray

    We're here for you, Fort Mac.

    It's been a week since nearly 90,000 people were ordered to evacuate the Fort McMurray area. In that time we've heard countless stories of kindness, heroism, and charity.

    Chris Wattie / Reuters

    From the many Canadians donating money through the Red Cross, to those in Alberta opening their hearts and homes to evacuees...

    Saima Jamal

    To the first responders who are still on the ground...

    Exhausted but still fighting in the #ymm.Protecting their communities with everything they have.We tip our hats!!

    It's hard to capture what an emotional week it's been. But one award-winning cartoonist has managed to do it.

    Topher Seguin / Reuters

    Bruce MacKinnon, the ever poignant cartoonist for The Chronicle Herald, summed up Canada's response to Fort McMurray in one powerful image:

    Bruce MacKinnon / Via

    MacKinnon, who was named journalist of the year for his evocative cartoons, also reminded the rest of us to count our blessings.

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