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    This American Columnists Gave A Warning About How Crazy Raptors Fans Are

    Canadians + sports = zero chill.

    When you think of rowdy, passionate Canadian sports fans, you probably think of hockey fans, right?

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    But our neighbours to the south are finally starting to notice that we apply that fervor to all sports. Indy Star sports columnist Gregg Doyel has even put out a warning for Pacers fans, whom the Raptors are facing on Friday for game six:

    They are loud, and they are coming. Those basketball fans in Toronto, they’re not normal. They are NFL fans with an NBA team. They travel. They drink. They scream.

    And they’re headed this way.

    Doyel notes that hundreds of Raptors fans — "too many of them" — headed to Indianapolis for game four:

    At various times the chant “Let’s go Pacers” started up, only to be canceled by the boisterous Canadian contingent chanting “Let’s go RAP-tors!”

    Sure maybe this makes Raptors fans sound a little obnoxious, but also doesn't it make you proud? Doesn't it make your lil' heart swell?

    At game three, our American friends were also confounded when Raptors fans showed up with the customary "We The North" signs.

    According to Fansided, sign-toting Canadians were forced to toss out signs so as to not obstruct other fans' views. Canadian flags were reportedly also confiscated.

    But the finest example of how little chill Canadian sports fans have is the Raptor's Global Ambassador himself: Drake.


    Earlier this week, after almost getting hit with the ball, he sassy-clapped after Pacers player Rodney Stuckey.


    Because he can. Because the Raptors are Canada's team. Because Canadians don't fuck around.

    Because We The North. And we won't let you forget it.

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