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    Posted on Oct. 14, 2015

    Can Someone Please Tell Us Why This Adorable Bear Is On A Leash?

    What even, Canada.

    You see a fuzzy lil' bear in your front yard. What do you do? Run? Stay inside?

    Give it a reassuring pat as you call the authorities?

    Give it a nice red leash?

    These are presumably not actions your friendly, local wildlife officer would advise, but it is what these well-meaning folks did.

    A series of photos was posted on Imgur showing a presumably Canadian family hanging out with this not-at-all-potentially-deadly cutie.

    The poster said the bear seemed to be abandoned and rather sickly, which may explain its docile behaviour.

    Imgur / Via

    They also gave it some snacks. But we still have so many questions. Where? Who? Why? Does it now have an adorable name? If you know anything, you need to tell us.

    Canada needs to know.

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