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    There's Literally No Reason Not To Make This Dog Mayor Of St. John's

    m a y o r b o y e

    We've been letting humans take all the important political jobs for too long. All they do is create scandal and mayhem. Why not elect a Good Boy instead?

    This is Finn, an Australian cattle dog who wants to be the next mayor of St. John's, Newfoundland. And honestly, we should probably just let it happen.

    Just look how comfortable he is dealing with the press.

    @purpledocket / Twitter / Via Twitter: @purpledocket

    So articulate!

    And look at him tackle a pothole. Wow!

    He's also strongly in favour of high fives.

    And supporting local families.

    Finn's official campaign video is honestly a work of art.

    View this video on YouTube

    YouTube / Via

    Very good boy, Finn.