There's Literally No Reason Not To Make This Dog Mayor Of St. John's

    m a y o r b o y e

    We've been letting humans take all the important political jobs for too long. All they do is create scandal and mayhem. Why not elect a Good Boy instead?

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    This is Finn, an Australian cattle dog who wants to be the next mayor of St. John's, Newfoundland. And honestly, we should probably just let it happen.

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    Five-year-old Finn is already a star, having had TV appearances including Republic of Doyle, CTV reports.

    Finn's dad told CTV that the candidate is a hard worker, a good buddy, and believes in reliable snow clearing. What more could you want, really?

    Just look how comfortable he is dealing with the press.

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    So articulate!

    And look at him tackle a pothole. Wow!


    Take that, City Hall!

    He's also strongly in favour of high fives.

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    A dog of the people!

    And supporting local families.

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    So relatable!

    Finn's official campaign video is honestly a work of art.

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    Very good boy, Finn.

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