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Vogue Called Justin Trudeau And Benedict Cumberbatch "Unconventional” Hotties And They Need Help

Judgey, Vogue.

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OK. Cool. But... what the fuck does "unconventional" even mean, Vogue? Is it like, ugly dudes that people still have dirty thoughts about?

In their words, it's a response to People's choice of David Beckham as the Sexiest Man Alive.

With the cultural pendulum (finally) swinging toward a less rigid definition of sex appeal, there's never been more room for a broader range of options. Here, 10 convention-defying hotties, including he of the ecstatic following Benedict Cumberbatch and Canadian politician-dreamboat Justin Trudeau.


​*And poor Aziz Ansari is described not as “sexy” or “handsome” like other men on the list. Instead, “His humor and irrepressibly upbeat persona make him the most adorable choice on the list.”*​