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Us Weekly Said Anne Of Green Gables Lived In Nova Scotia And Islanders Are Pissed


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There are a few things that spring to mind when you think of Prince Edward Island. Red sand and potatoes, for example. But mostly it's Anne of Green Gables.


Which is why it’s especially offensive that Us Weekly fucked up naming where Anne lived.

Breaking news: Province of PEI declares war on @usweekly


This is insulting.

@usweekly Anne is NOT set in Nova Scotia. It's set in Prince Edward Island: a province in Canada. Please fix it, it's insulting those on PEI

You had one job, Us Weekly.

. @usweekly claims #anneofgreengables takes place in Nova Scotia #getamap #trygoogle #princeedwardisland #pei…

And you done goofed.

LOL, @usweekly. It's Prince Edward Island, not Nova Scotia. Come on.

You must understand — this isn't merely a typo. This is a serious trespass against the good people of PEI.

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And while Us Weekly has since corrected their grave error, make no mistake.

Us Weekly

The people of PEI do not forget.


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